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Romney: We need more snoops and snitches in our neighborhoods 

Mitt Romney, governor of Massachusetts, has come up with a stupid if not particularly original idea — meter readers, E.M.S. drivers, law enforcement, private sector personnel, etc., should spy on American citizens, or as he told the New York Times, “be on the lookout for information which may be… useful.” 

Romney calls for doubling Guantanamo population 

Debating the treatment of foreign detainees at Tuesday night’s debate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said he thought the US should “double” the number of prisoners held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  

Romney’s Second Amendment Two-Step 

Concerning Mitt Romney’s love of gun control, he may try to tap dance around it, but there’s always a voting record and paper trail. Today though, Romney appeared on ABC News This Week with George Stephenopoulous. You want to witness someone two-stepping around the issue of gun control and gun rights? You’ll never see a better job.

Will The Real Romney Please Stand Up? 

As he travels the South – contemplating a run for the presidency – Mitt Romney sounds like the modern-day incarnation of John Wayne. But wait, isn’t this the same Mitt Romney who boasted that his view on firearms was “not going to make me the hero” of the gun lobby? 

Romney’s Wife Gave Money to Planned Parenthood 

Former Gov. Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann, gave a $150 donation to the abortion-rights group Planned Parenthood in 1994, at a time when Romney considered himself effectively “pro-choice,” the Romney campaign confirmed today.


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